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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ear Tubes...finally!

Reese had ear tubes put in on Friday morning. The surgery was a breeze...she did very well and we were back at home by 9:30. The hardest part of the whole thing was not feeding her after midnight the night before! Our little bug likes to have a snack around 3-4 am and she was NOT happy when I didn't provide that snack to her! Tim had to take her to the living room and rock her until she fell asleep, every time she saw me, it just made her mad!

I had been dreading the moment I would have to hand her to the nurse that would take her back for surgery. She has been in a very "mommy only" phase right now and I was SO afraid she would scream her head off and I would get really upset. She was a real trooper! She didn't make a peep, just went to the nurse and off she went!

We barely had time to get a drink before the doctor was ready to talk to us! He said everything went perfectly! She had an infection in the right ear when he got in there (infection #6 since November) but that everything was great!

About 5 minutes later we were allowed to go back to her, she had just started to wake up and was crying a little. I scooped her up and fed her and she did great. She was a little fussy for about 1/2 an hour (which the nurse said was pretty normal, they are still coming out of the anesthesia and don't understand why they feel weird) then she fell asleep and was great the rest of the day! We even went out to daycare for the Valentines Day party in the afternoon and went to Mike's basketball game that night.

I was so proud of my baby girl. She did so well!

Here are a couple pics of Reese at her 1st Valentines Day Party

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