"Children learn to smile from their parents." -Shinichi Suzuki

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

What a perfect holiday weekend. Saturday we took Reese to the zoo, which she loved. I love watching her around animals, she just can't get enough of them! Of course we saw a lot of "kitty"'s and "chloe"'s. It seems anything that is black and white is a Chloe these days! The only thing she wasn't too thrilled with was the up close encounter with a curious monkey! As Reese was looking through the glass of the Monkey exhibit, the monkey decided to get a better look at her too! After that we went home through Clarion and had super with Grandpa Jeff and watch the fireworks at the stadium in Clarion.

Sunday we spent the day swimming and eating at Grandma Barb's. And Dan made a fire for us to cook hot dogs and set off some fireworks for us, we even got to Grandma Joy and Grandpa Mikes house in time to watch the Cochranton fireworks display.

Monday we did laundry while Tim and Grandpa Jeff worked in the basement getting ready for the big laundry room/shoe room remodel in the next few weeks.

All in all a perfect holiday weekend! Even the weather cooperated! 80's and sunny all weekend long!

And I'm back....

I started this blog so that I could try and get on "paper" all the daily things in our life that happen and get forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life...and as ironic as it is...in the hustle and bustle of life, I've been neglecting to update the blog :o(

I am making a commitment to turn over a new leaf! I will update this blog at least 2 times a week! Even if I'm the only one reading it, at least the memories are here!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I've been looking online today to find a quote that I really love to use somewhere on this blog. I've always loved a great quote, but since Reese has come along I've really had a soft spot for ones that have to do with Children and mothers and fathers.

Here are a few good ones I came across:

"Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them." -Richard L. Evans

"Children learn to smile from their parents." -Shinichi Suzuki

"A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future." ~Author Unknown

"Certain is it that there is no kind of affection so purely angelic as of a father to a daughter. In love to our wives there is desire; to our sons, ambition; but to our daughters there is something which there are no words to express." ~Joseph Addison

Worst Night Ever!

The day after Reese's tube surgery she seemed off all day. She was running a low fever and not eating well. The scariest part to me was that she was SSSOOO lethargic...she would be awake for about 20 min and couldn't keep her eyes open and have to take another nap...now that she is crawling and cruising it was VERY out of character. She started to feel really warm so I took her temp and it was 101.5...after Tylenol and Motrin it wasn't coming down at all, it actually went up a little...so i called our dr and he told us to go the emergency room. Long story short she had developed a type of pneumonia that comes from not getting all the gas anesthesia worked out of her lungs (which is why adults blow into those things that make the little balls go up after surgery)....that night was horrible. She had to have IV fluids because she was dehydrated and blood drawn and a chest xray...at one point she was so exhausted from crying so much she couldn't even cry anymore...I think I held it together pretty well for the most part...but I lost it when they were trying to get the blood drawn and had to stick her twice and move the needle around in her little arm...they finally gave up and did a heel prick instead...it was just awful.

I hope to NEVER have to go through anything like that again and think that the parents of chronically sick babies deserve all the credit in the world for what they go through. What a strong bunch you are!

Of course my mommy guilt has taken over these last few days. I know they needed to do those tests, but I feel like I should have made them stop trying to get the blood sooner. After typing it I realize how silly it sounds, but all I can picture in my mind is how sad and upset my baby looked lying on that table, wonding why I wasn't helping her. Even typing it makes me cry. All I could do was hold her hand, stroke her hair and whisper "it's gonna be okay" in her ear.

"She won't remember any of it" that's what I keep repeating to myself...those were the comforting words of one of the nurses that took care of Reese in the ER.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ear Tubes...finally!

Reese had ear tubes put in on Friday morning. The surgery was a breeze...she did very well and we were back at home by 9:30. The hardest part of the whole thing was not feeding her after midnight the night before! Our little bug likes to have a snack around 3-4 am and she was NOT happy when I didn't provide that snack to her! Tim had to take her to the living room and rock her until she fell asleep, every time she saw me, it just made her mad!

I had been dreading the moment I would have to hand her to the nurse that would take her back for surgery. She has been in a very "mommy only" phase right now and I was SO afraid she would scream her head off and I would get really upset. She was a real trooper! She didn't make a peep, just went to the nurse and off she went!

We barely had time to get a drink before the doctor was ready to talk to us! He said everything went perfectly! She had an infection in the right ear when he got in there (infection #6 since November) but that everything was great!

About 5 minutes later we were allowed to go back to her, she had just started to wake up and was crying a little. I scooped her up and fed her and she did great. She was a little fussy for about 1/2 an hour (which the nurse said was pretty normal, they are still coming out of the anesthesia and don't understand why they feel weird) then she fell asleep and was great the rest of the day! We even went out to daycare for the Valentines Day party in the afternoon and went to Mike's basketball game that night.

I was so proud of my baby girl. She did so well!

Here are a couple pics of Reese at her 1st Valentines Day Party

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Family

We are a happy little family of 4! Tim and I will celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary this year. We were married in April of 2007 in a beautiful ceremony, in front of all of our family and friends. Our first baby came to us in August of that same year, our puppy Chloe! Chloe doesn't actually knows she is a dog...we're pretty sure she believes she is a person. In July of 2008 we found out that we were expecting our first child. Reese Suzanne was born in March 2009. She is the light of our lives. She makes us smile and laugh everyday.

And that is how we became a family!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why a blog?

I see so many blogs created my mothers. They are filled with wonderful pictures and detail their children's lives on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. I am realizing that time is passing very quickly these days. It seems like yesterday I saw the word "pregnant" on a stick and now plans are underway for a 1st birthday party. I try to write in her baby book and take pictures for scrapbooks, but I feel like the "little things" are getting lost. I have created this blog so that there is a place to put those things in writing, so they are never forgotten.