"Children learn to smile from their parents." -Shinichi Suzuki

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Diet!

I am gearing up for a new diet challenge! I am still carrying some extra weight, and since Reese just turned 2, I think it's officially NOT considered baby weight anymore! :)

I am in a wedding at the end of May and I just refuse to be unhappy with myself for any longer! I heard Kirstie Alley say on DWTS (yes I was watching DWTS) that she just for once in her life wants to be happy about her body. I thought, ME TOO! I wasn't happy with my body in high school or college or before pregnancy or after pregnancy...seems like the common denominator is me!

SOOOO back to the diet! A few friends (you know how you are!) and I are starting a cleanse on Monday! An APPLE CIDER VINEGAR cleanse....I don't particularly like vinegar...so this should be interesting! I will spare you the details (mostly because I don't want to be held liable if someone tries it and ends up in the hospital or something!) but it's gonna be rough! After our 7 day cleanse, I will be following a diet that was made for me by my personal nutritionist (I know it sounds very high class, but really she's my best friend, who happens to be a dietitian....I like to pretend though!). I want to once and for all be at a weight that I'm comfortable with!